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State of Emergency - Review

State of Emergency (Collapse Series #1) 

By: Summer Lane

Published: January 28, 2013 by Writing Belle

228 pages

Source: Personal Kindle Library

(Goodreads /Amazon $1.99)

What would you do if the world as you know it ended in an instant? 
How far would you go to survive? 

Cassidy Hart is your typical High School graduate: A little shy, a little sarcastic, and a little naive. But when an electromagnetic pulse takes down the United States, she's forced to kick into full survival mode when she gets separated from her father. 
Yeah. Things suck. 
But with the help of a handsome soldier named Chris, she just might find her dad without getting into serious trouble.
Emphasis on might. 
Oh. And there's the matter of avoiding getting killed in a world that's quickly turned into an active war zone. 
It's going to change Cassidy's life.
It's going to be a major pain in the butt.

New Adult/Young Adult Contemporary Romantic Adventure
For the month of October I enjoy reading zombie stories or apocalyptic stories. I'm glad I came across this one! It was constant action; just when you think there's a break for the characters, it's either short lived or turns out to be a worse situation than before.

Cassidy is a 19 year old college student. Her Dad was in the police force for 30 years and is now a detective. He also has an "always be prepared" motto and as such has taught her to have an escape plan, a special meeting place if they ever get separated and backpacks in their house filled with essential items she would need in the event of a catastrophe, including weapons. So when all electricity, vehicles and technology goes out and stops working in Los Angeles, she goes into survival mode, doing all the things her dad taught her to be prepared for.

She sets off in an old Mustang, that was unharmed because it doesn't have a microchip in it, to the meeting place she has with her Dad, but to get there by car will take several hours in a normal day. This day, though, is anything from normal, as now planes are dropping out of the sky like giant bombs. Along the way she nearly runs over a wounded soldier standing in the road. Twenty-Eight year old Chris turns out to be a help and companion she can't survive without. In a world where people are now fighting each other to survive, she can't trust anyone else and was lucky to find him.

This story had elements of a favorite movie of mine from my childhood Red Dawn.

If you like apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic stories with a romantic flare then you'll enjoy this! Cassidy's sarcasm will be sure to win you over. If that doesn't, 6 foot 4 inch all muscle Chris SURE will!

Favorite Quotes:
"Upstanding citizens will become criminals in a week or two. Desperation brings human beings down to the same level."

"I doubt there's any heat left on this side of the planet, though. It got sucked out with people's sanity forty-eight hours ago."

"Forgive me for holding out some hope that there was still junk food left in the world."

Something I've learned over the years - and particularly in the last few months - is that it never hurts to be prepared for the worst. Hope for the best, get ready for the crappy.

It's not my job to decide who lives or dies. I guess that's what sets me apart from the enemy in this game of survival. This State of Emergency.

Final Rating - 4.5 stars


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