Saturday, October 13, 2012

Deadlocked - Review


By: A.R. Wise

Published: December 20, 2011

52 pages

Source: Owned on Kindle (Purchased via Amazon for free)

(Goodreads / Amazon)

David was caught in the middle of the city when the zombie outbreak started. His wife and daughters were at home, stranded on the roof as zombies waited below. He would have to fight through hordes of undead, merciless other survivors, and a series of death defying stunts to get home. However, even if he makes it there, how can he be sure they're safe?

Deadlocked puts you into David's head as he struggles to get home. Then a final confrontation occurs that will guarantee his family's survival, but at what cost?

Who knew such a short book could be so intense?  This is probably the first true zombie horror, heart pounding, flesh eating, disgusting type of book I have read.  Having said that, it lived up to the expectation of what I had in my mind.  If you are a zombie horror movie buff, think 28 Days Later.  The song that plays in that movie was playing through my mind the entire time as I read this.  Visions of the blood and gore and the crazed people were all I could see.   

Even through the zombie horror part of this story, the author also really does a great job of making this book about the people who are trying to survive.  

Favorite quotes:

"Although in retrospect, splitting up was exactly the sort of thing I would've yelled at an actor for doing in a horror movie."

"I was all that stood between a horde of zombies and the three loves of my life.  Pain no longer mattered."

If you want a great heart pounding horror read for this Halloween, Deadlocked is the book for you!  How do I accurately rate a book that is not really in my preferred genre....favorite genre or not, it was a great read.  4.5 stars!


  1. Went and got this freebie based on your review. Thanks!

  2. wow..this looks creepy and i love me some ZOMBIES. Tomorrow I am posting a review of Taking on the Dead..and it has gory, true zombies..but an awesome tale and kick-ass protagonist.i totally think you would like it!


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