Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why the Blog Title?

I find that I am always interested to know the story behind how one chooses a blog title or webpage title.  It’s always a glimpse into that person’s creative side, however small or large that may be.  So for those curious in nature, like myself, here’s the “story” of my blog title.

Recently I read a series of books (reviews to come later) where I fell in love with 2 lines.  Both of them sparked something within me.  Perhaps since books are made up of words, these lines sparked my love all fictional books.  I’m not really sure.  The first of which specifically sparked further the desire to finally create a blog to review the books I’m reading.  I know you are anxious, so here are the lines from the book:

“Even when they’d argue, love fueled their words.”

“Words were the most powerful tool.  Simple and so often underestimated.  They could heal.  They could destroy.”

Every book ever written was indeed fueled by love from that books author.  Every blog that has ever been made or website that is personal in nature, is fueled by love from the creator.  Words mean something.  And in the land of books, words take us on a journey through worlds and times we might never have known unless we read about it.  

In the case of my blog, I love books, and I love to type out my thoughts as I review a book.  Whether I rate it very low or very high, all of my words are fueled by the love of reading.

So there you have it.  Welcome to Words Fueled by Love.


  1. Excellent choice for a title...and I definitely like and agree to your reasoning behind it!


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