Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Point of Retreat - Review

Point of Retreat

By: Colleen Hoover

Published: August 10, 2012 by Atria Books

320 pages

Source: Personal Kindle Library

(Goodreads / Amazon)

In the second book in the Slammed series by New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, Layken and Will's relationship has endured through hardships, heartache, and a cruel twist of fate, further solidifying the fact that they belong together. But the two lovers could not have expected that the things that brought them together may ultimately be the things that tear them apart. Their connection is on the brink of being destroyed forever and it will take an extraordinary amount of willpower to keep their love afloat.

Layken is left questioning the very foundation on which her relationship with Will was built. Will is left questioning how he can prove his love for a girl who can't seem to stop "carving pumpkins." Upon finding the answers that may bring peace back into their relationship, the couple comes across an even greater challenge—one that could change not only their lives but the lives of everyone who depend on them.

If you have any doubt that true love still exists and is REAL, this book will restore your faith!  If you haven't found this kind of relationship and connection, don't settle for something less!   

Oh my stars, I cried through nearly all of this book!!  I'm talking big, snotty crying too.  Another incredible emotional roller coaster!  

I had one small complaint, which didn't affect my final score in any way, but Layken's insecurities and pushing away from Will were a bit annoying at times on one hand.  On the other hand, it is normal for people to question relationships because of their own insecurities.  It just annoyed me because Point of Retreat is written from Will's perspective, so we know how he is feeling the whole time.  Layken however, obviously does not and so she doubts.

This is another FABULOUS love story.  Colleen Hoover, you are my new favorite YA Contemporary Fiction author!!  If you haven't read these books yet, come fall in love with Layken and Will's story!

Favorite quotes:

"I've been kissing her every day for over a year, and it somehow gets better every time."

"...write poorly, write awfully, write with abandon and it may end up being really really good."

"...You need to know I'd go fifty-nine more.  Whatever it takes to let you win.  I'd retreat all over and all over and over again."

"A man can tell a woman he's in love with her until he's blue in the face.  Words don't mean anything to her when her head is full of doubt.  You have to show her."

"Sometimes things happen in life that you didn't plan for.  All you can do now is suck it up and start mapping out a new plan."

"I fell in love with that about you.  That had absolutely nothing to do with anyone else.  I fell in love with that about you because of you."

"I love you because of you.  Because of every single thing about you."

5 stars!!!


  1. Is this the last in the series?

  2. Great review! This book as well as Slammed were both great and are one of my favorite series!


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