Monday, March 11, 2013

In My Mailbox 22 & Sunday Post 21

In My Mailbox is a weekly post hosted by The Story Siren.
Each week bloggers participate to share what books they received.

I've been another 12 days without purchasing any books!  Yay for self-control!!  (and for not allowing myself to even "browse" through the Kindle books on Amazon.

Sunday Post is a weekly post hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
Each week bloggers participate to share book news from their week, and what's to come in the week ahead.

Going on nearly 2 weeks now I have been struggling to finish The Indigo Spell and because of that I haven't had any new book reviews.  I'm not one of those that has so much time to read that I can get very far in my review posts to stay ahead, and the small advance I had in reviews has now ended due to this one book.  I'm on page 308 and still feel like I have forever to go...

In other blog news I added the nifty social icon buttons on the top right thanks to a tutorial from Kimba!  However, the email icon isn't working...and I'm not sure how to fix that one.


TUESDAY: Teaser Tuesday #8 featuring teasers from The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead.  Top Ten Tuesday featuring Top 10 Series I'd Like to Start But Haven't.

WEDNESDAY: Waiting on Wednesday featuring Waiting on 3:59 by Gretchen McNeil.

FRIDAY: Feature & Follow {18} featuring the question What is a book you didn't like that all your friends raved about or what book did you love that wasn't popular?

Teaser Tuesday #9
Tentative Top Ten Tuesday featuring Top Ten Books AT THE TOP of My Spring TBR list!
Waiting on Wednesday
Feature & Follow {19}
Tentative Review of The Indigo Spell

Is your Spring as crazy busy as mine - with gazillions of kid activities on top of "regular life"?
Have you suffered from "readers block" before?  If so, how do you force yourself to finish it already and move on?!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Holly, email me the code you used for your email so I can see where you went wrong, just copy and paste it an email. Are you enjoying Indigo Spell? This is the first year I am willingly DNFing books. If it doen't grab me I am letting them go. The Sunday Post


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