Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cat Thursday: Knuckle Bump

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This week I'm sharing a video of my friend Andrew's cat, whose name is Butler. 
Andrew taught Butler to knuckle bump - brilliant!
He officially takes the spot as "the coolest cat I know" simply by this video.

About the only thing I ever trained Luckie to do was to play hide-and-seek.  But he tended to get really mean when he would find me - so it really became a game of  him saying "you hide and I attack you with my sharp teeth when I find you."  When his ears laid back and his eyes got as big as saucers I knew the game had ended and he was targeting me for pain.

Have you trained your cat to do anything really cool?
Share it with me!


  1. My oldest cat will play and hide n seek! He loves it and I love it. We have a lot of fun. So cute.

  2. Cats are just so very smart! I had a polydactyl who would give high fives. She really had 6, but shhh...

  3. I haven't trained Goof to do anything, mostly he trains me. :D

  4. That's really cool. Nope, my kitty has us trained not the other way around.

  5. Cool! Yes, I have been trying to teach Alice to shake hands. I know she's smart enough, but she has decided she doesn't want to. LOL! She does know how to fetch a toy and bring it back although she's become kind of lazy of late.


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