Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Armchair BEA Day 2: Paths to Becoming a Better Blogger

Day 2, Part 1: Paths to Becoming a Better Blogger

"What have you done to expand your blogging horizons, to get better as a blogger?"

I'm excited to read what you guys have to say on this subject.  Being 7 months in my own blog I STILL consider myself a "newbie" and I still know very little when it comes to blogging.  Many others have said, and I completely agree, that one of the things we all seem to love specifically about book blogging is the community and the eagerness of all to help one another and support one another.  It's not "every man for him/herself".  There are a number of blogs that post regular tips and tricks and it is to those blogs that I flock to when I am not sure how to do something.  If their posts are confusing to me I send them a message and time and time again they have been super friendly and helpful.  Book blogging isn't just about reviewing books, but it's about the connections you make with other like minded readers.

I did try, once, to add an Amazon link or two or three, to my blog during Christmas season last year where "supposedly" if anyone clicked on that link to purchase something Amazon would send you profit from each of those purchases.  I never saw anything so it seemed a waste of space on my blog -- and I HATE clutter!

In the beginning I had tons of time to go to other blogs and I made it a goal with each meme I participated in to do so and comment regularly, building up relationships and familiarizing myself with others.  In the process I also grew a following of regulars.  Unfortunately I just don't have the time right now to do that as I did in the beginning.  But I think the key is to be genuine with each reply, comment.  Nobody likes the spammed comment, copy and paste the same thing to everyone.  I may not be able to respond until a month later (seriously this is where I'm at right now) but when I do it'll be a personal comment and not some generic one.  Those that take time to connect with me through what I've said versus the generic comments, I have much more respect for those bloggers.  I know it takes time to do that, but it builds a better reputation.

That's about as far as I've branched out so far.  I have no idea what it means to "go pro" and I've never partnered with another blogger to put on an event, meme, giveaway (unless you count blog hops?).  My sister-n-law (Somewhere Only We Know) and I have been talking for the last month about partnering to host something and we are still throwing around ideas (ya'll got one?!?!  Shoot them to me PLEASE!!).  Who knew how stressful it could be to come up with something original?!?!  Think about FraterFest from last year?!  How cool was that???  

I have a lot to learn and a long way to go to continue growing my blog and my reputation online.
I want to hear from ya'll!!! 
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  1. I've just been blogging for about 6 months so i think i find myself in the same situation as you. But at least you are out there participating in memes and whatnot. I think I'd like to do a read-a-long sometime if the right book came along.


  2. You are right. Blogging and connecting takes much more time than I ever could have imagined! With that said, I would rather wait a month for a genuine comment then receive some nonsense copy/paste. It is cool that your sister-in-law blogs too. I'm going to go check it out : )

    CeCe @ Steaming Mug of Books


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