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Sins & Needles - Review

Sins & Needles (The Artist's Trilogy #1)

By: Karina Halle

Published: January 25, 2013 by Metal Blonde Books

437 pages

Source: Personal Kindle Library

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Ellie Watt is used to starting over. The daughter of a grifting team, Ellie spent her childhood being used as a pawn in her parents' latest scam. Now she's much older, wiser and ready to give her con artist life a rest. But returning to the dry desert town of Palm Valley, California means one more temptation than she bargained for - Camden McQueen. Once known as the high school weirdo, Camden is bigger and badder than the boy he used to be and a talented tattoo artist with his own thriving business. Ellie's counting on Camden still being in love with her but what she's not counting on is how easily unrequited love can turn into obsession over time. When Camden discovers Ellie's plan to con him, he makes her a deal she doesn't dare refuse, but her freedom comes with a price and it's one that takes both Ellie and Camden down a dangerous road.

**WARNING** This book contains graphic language, sex and violence. Readers who are sensitive to sexual scenes, violence and a lot of cursing should refrain from reading this book.This is not YA or NA. 18 and above.
My Review:
26 year old Ellie Watt has spent most of her life as a con artist, learning the trade from her parents and perfecting it as she got older.  Running low on money and with no one else to trust or turn to she decides to return home to the one adult in her life who had been there for her, her Uncle Jim.  Returning home means returning to the one name that hasn't been tainted by her cons, her real name.  Disgracing and shaming her Uncle Jim is one thing she isn't willing to do.  However a familiar face becomes her biggest challenge yet in her quest to becoming legit.

Camden McQueen was a weird, slightly nerdy, amazingly talented artist who dressed gothic as a kid in school.  They were once friends but then Ellie burned that bridge.  Even though she's incredibly attracted to him now since he has changed dramatically in the looks department, she realizes he still has feelings for her and she realizes her old ways may not be over as she can manipulate those feelings to her advantage.

Both Ellie and Camden have pasts they are hiding and running from.  Both have hidden agendas.  Both have major trust issues.  Both of them have pasts that are about to catch up with them.  Can a relationship of any kind thrive under such dire circumstances?

This was an enjoyable read.  Lots of twists to make it interesting.  I'm eager to read book 2, Shooting Scars, which is set to come out August 20, 2013.

Favorite Quotes:
"He was like a caring, hulking, nerd.  And I wanted him."

"You're a con artist.  A liar.  A thief.  An unredeemable soul.  You can't be reformed.  You can't be saved.  You'll die trying to make the world pay for what it did to you.  And you'll die alone."

Camden's description of Ellie: "Heartless, reckless, selfish and cruel."  "Beautiful, sad, wounded, and lost."  "a freak, a work of art, a liar and a lover."

"I hate you, Ellie Watt," he whispered, lips coming closer to mine, "because I still love you after all these years."

"I wished everyone could see how much he'd imprinted himself on my heart."

Final Rating - 3.5 stars


  1. I like this one too, and Camden and Ellie were fantastic. Great review.

  2. Holly @ Words Fueled by LoveAugust 13, 2013 at 9:21 AM

    Even though it was a lower rating than I would've liked to give it, I'm still intrigued and excited to read book 2!

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Jessica @ That Girl ReadsAugust 16, 2013 at 6:11 PM

    I've been wanting to read this series for a while now. I just love the story line and the covers. Thanks for the review. :)

    (Vamps & zombies giveaway)


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