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Indie-Credible Authors: Author Spotlight on Shannon Dermott

For the whole month of September Little Read Riding Hood and Creative Deeds Reads are hosting a month long event called Indie-Credible Authors, where bloggers showcase lots of fabulous indie authors.  

Welcome to the Indie author spotlight today on the amazing and talented 
Shannon Dermott!
Shannon is an author of young adult and adult romance, sci-fy, paranormal and fantasy.  She currently has 3 series out, Cambion which has 4 books, Through the Lens which has 2 books and Balance Sheet which has 2 books.  She is also a coauthor for the book Alliance.  For today's feature I'm going to focus on her Cambion series.

I have read and reviewed all of the Cambion books.  In order they are:

Why do I love this series so much? 
The Covers.

The Boys.
(Team images created by Caro at The Book Rogue.)

Luke the nephilim: "tousle of golden curls", "beautiful face", "sun-kissed skin and blonde head full of curls", "poster boy for Hollister".

Flynn the incubus: "the resident bad boy", "pure lust on a stick", "faux mohawk styled in that sexy messy hair perfection look", "looked like a walking ad of high fashion", "arrogant", "winter blue eyes", "pure lust", "darker hipper version of Abercrombie and Fitch".

Sebastian the demon: "Scottish accent", "tall, dark-haired and dazzling", "wickedly handsome and terribly tempting", "delicious sin", "blue eyes".


I LOVE this series!  All it's angsty, intense, love triangle sexiness!  Trust me, if you love paranormal romance reads, this is a must-read series!
Buy Links:
Beg for Mercy
Angel Of Mercy

Now for a little bit more on the fabulous author of this series:

Born in the north and raised in the south, Shannon Dermott is an author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy for young adults.  Although originally a northerner, she grew up during her formidable years in the southern heat, hanging out and having lots of fun.

It was during those years, she explored her creative side with fictional romance stories about all her teen crushes. Fun times!

Her love for reading constantly conflicts with her need to write.  Interestingly, she reads more police procedural than fantasy or romance.  When not reading or writing, Shannon is going to the movies, hanging out with family and friends, or best of all shopping.  She loves all kinds of music (current and the 80s) and is currently obsessed with Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Just as much love Shannon has for reading is her first passion for numbers and math. 
But though it began with her obsession of reading and math, weaving stories won out in the end.
This and That with Shannon:
For those of us curious to know those little tidbits about our favorite author, here is a glimpse into some favorite things of Shannon's.
Cat or Dog?  Cat
Ocean or Mountains? Both...Ocean
Vampires or Werewolves?  Vampires
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Steak or Chicken? Chicken
Drive or Ride? Ride
Nephilim or Demon? Pass, lol ;)
Morning or Night? Morning
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
Print or Ebook? Either...ebook
Jeans or Skirt? I like both...jeans
Tennis Shoes or Flip Flops? Toss up...Flip Flops
Clean Shaven or Facial Hair? Clean Shaven
Chocolate or Candy? Candy
Tattoos or Piercings? Oh, that's hard.  Piercings.
Outspoken or Quiet? There are times for both, I guess...Quiet
Traveler or Homebody? Homebody
Sunshine or Rain? Rain
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Lord of the Rings
Batman or Superman? Superman
Halloween or Christmas? Christmas
Horror or Comedy? Horror

Thanks for having me. ~ Shannon

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  1. Great post! Loved how you broke down what you like about the series and all of the pictures!


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