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*ARC* Ruined - Review

Ruined (The Eternal Balance #1)

By: Jus Accardo

Published: December 30, 2013 by Entangled Embrace

325 pages

Source: Publisher via Netgalley (Thanks!)

(Goodreads / Amazon $.99!)

Hell is looking for a way to break loose…

Jax lost the genetic lottery. Descended from Cain, the world's first murderer, he's plagued by a curse that demands violence in exchange for his happiness. He left everything behind, including the girl he loved, but thriving on the pain of others is lonely… And it's killing him.

After a series of heartbreaking losses, Samantha put rubber to pavement and headed for college as fast as her clunker could carry her. But she can't outrun her problems. When an attack at school drives her back home, she's thrown into the path of a past—and a guy—she's been trying to forget.

Sam strains Jax's control over his darkness, but running isn't an option this time. Someone—or, something—followed her home from school: a ruthless monster with a twisted plan centuries in the making. Forced together to survive, and fighting an attraction that could destroy them both, Jax and Sam must stop a killer bent on revenge.
Jax's family suffers from the curse of Cain, the first murderer who killed his own brother. Every few generations a male will be born with a spot of darkness on his soul, a demon attached to it. Jax is the next in line of the not-so-lucky descendants to have this curse. Each demon feeds off different things but Jax's demon feeds off of violence and pain. Happiness just isn't in the cards for Jax, so he left three years ago so he could keep those he loved safe away from him. His demon's hatred for his twin brother, Chase, was too much to handle anymore. His love for Sam, his childhood best friend and first love, literally brought him physical pain to experience the emotion of happiness around her. So he left without saying goodbye. What he didn't realize is that by his leaving other things out of his control would set in to motion to bring them all back together again. But coming back he learns that Sam is being stalked and attacked and Jax wants to find out who is trying to hurt her.

Jax has a part of him that is disturbed, no doubt. He has to be to inflict pain upon others to keep his demon satisfied. Deep down, he enjoys the feelings that come from other's fear and suffering. But he's also hot. Twisted combination, I know. And his chemistry with Sam is through the roof! Before he left he made known his feelings to her, not so much in words maybe, but in actions. But she doesn't know the truth about his true nature, and he doesn't want her life to be tainted by his demon.

Sam's parents were murdered and at their funeral is when she met Chase and Jax. They became as close as her family. After Jax up and left without a word Chase picked up the pieces and stayed close to Sam for those three years, even when she went away to college. Their relationship is strictly friendship. Chase and Jax may look exactly alike but it's Jax that still holds her heart, still after all this time. The only way for Jax to keep Sam away from him in order to protect her, is to be arrogant and crude towards her and bring out emotions like hatred towards him. Basically, he has to be a major jerk, which comes all too easily for him.

I found this story to be unique in it's take on demons - the source of where/how demons exist. It had a surprise I wasn't expecting (who likes books where they can see what's coming from a mile away?!). Overall, this was a great paranormal read! I highly recommend this book for everyone who likes their romance with a bit of demon darkness!

Favorite Quotes:
(Description of Jax) Painfully beautiful, yet deadly. Like the poison apple from the Garden of Eden. Sinful and seductive, yet eternally damning.

"See now, I'd love to say this is a good surprise, but ya know... You're kinda like herpes. Totally unwanted."

Jax had anger issues. Authority issues. He had issues with his issues.

Final Rating - 4 stars!
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