Monday, March 17, 2014

Take a Chance - Review

Take a Chance (Chance #1)

By: Abbi Glines

Published: February 25, 2014 by Atria Books

288 pages

Source: Personal Kindle Library

(Goodreads / Amazon)

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines comes the story of Grant, the sexy playboy who first captured readers hearts in Fallen Too Far

When Harlow Manning's rocker father goes on tour, he sends her to Rosemary Beach, Florida, to live with her half-sister, Nan. The problem: Nan despises her. Harlow has to keep her head down if she wants to get through the next nine months, which seems easy enough. Until gorgeous Grant Carter walks out of Nan's room in nothing but his boxer briefs.

Grant made a huge mistake getting involved with a girl with venom in her veins. He'd known about Nan's reputation, but still he couldn't resist her. Nothing makes him regret the fling more than meeting Harlow, who sends his pulse racing. Yet Harlow wants nothing to do with a guy who could fall for her wicked half-sister; even if there are no strings between Grant and Nan. Grant is desperate to redeem himself in Harlow's eyes, but did he ruin his chances before he even met her?
I really wanted to love this story as much I adored Rush and Blaire and equally drooled over Woods. I like Grant a lot, aside from his poor judgment in having anything to do with Nan. But Harlow.....she was a bit too mousy for my taste. She starts to come out of her shell some and have a backbone but her innocence, naivety and insecurity grated on my nerves. At least she recognizes some of her faults.

Harlow is the daughter of famous rock star Kiro. She was mostly raised by her grandmother, after her mother died in a car accident. Her dad didn't want her around his crazy lifestyle. So she's been sheltered, though she knows about the kind of life he lives as she stayed with him from time to time. She has some half siblings - Nan her sister who she hates, and Mase - her brother who she is very close to. While her dad goes on tour he has her go live in Rosemary with Nan for nine months because he doesn't want her in Los Angeles by herself. First of all - she is a GROWN woman, 20 years old. Why is she being made to do anything?!?

Grant and Harlow met in Los Angeles and had a fling, a very short lived fling, but long enough that she trusted Grant and had begun to fall for him until he left without a word. Trusting people is not something Harlow does easily. Upon her new living arrangements in Rosemary, as expected since he lives there, she runs into Grant again - unfortunately after a drunken night he had spent with Nan - all of which Harlow heard. Hurt yet again by him, there's still a connection between them she can't deny and his smooth talking ways puts him in her good graces again. She doesn't know if she can ever trust him again but she wants how he makes her feel, no matter the heartache that waits at the end.

Just like Abbi Glines' style, she had me tearing up. Even though you know it's coming because all the Rosemary stories are similar in some sort of heartbreak, loss or betrayal or all three, it doesn't lesson the sting of what the characters feel.

Favorite Quotes:
"...the right woman's the one who gives as much as she takes, and you can't get enough. She's the kind...if you lose her, you lose yourself."

Grant Carter was made for women's fantasies.

Was that what life was about? Taking chances?

"But never compare yourself to anyone else I've ever been with because you're all I want and all I see."

Final Rating - 3.5 stars.


  1. I haven't tried Glines' but I am quite sure this won't be the book I start with. It sounds ok, but I like a strong heroine. Great review!


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