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Tempting the Player - Review

Tempting the Player (Gamble Brothers #2)

By: Jennifer L. Armentrout writing as J. Lynn

Published: October 23, 2012 by Entangled Publishing

203 pages

Source: Personal Kindle Library

(Goodreads / Amazon)

Chad Gamble, all-star pitcher for the Nationals, is one of the best players on—and off—the field. And right now, the notorious bad boy wants Bridget Rodgers. But with her lush curves and snappy comebacks, the feisty redhead is the kind of woman a man wants to settle down with…and that’s the last thing Chad needs.

When the paparazzi catch them in a compromising position, Chad’s manager issues an ultimatum: clean up his act or kiss his multi-million dollar contract goodbye. To save his career, his meddling publicist says he'll have to convince everyone Bridget isn’t just his flavor of the week, but his girlfriend.

Being blackmailed into a fake relationship with Chad Gamble isn’t easy, especially when the sizzling physical attraction between them is undeniable. With a month to go on their arranged pretense, it's going to take every ounce of willpower they have not to fall into bed together...or in love.
I read and reviewed book one in this series, Tempting the Best Man, back in December of 2012, so I didn't quite remember all the details about the relationship between the Gamble brothers or their back story. I almost wished I had reread it first. Not because it is necessary to enjoy this book but because these books are just so darn delicious!

Book two is about the middle brother, Chad, who is a professional baseball player. At age 30 the club manager of his team is tired of all the negative paparazzi photos and negative press he constantly gets because of his wild lifestyle, lots of women, lots of alcohol and overall just a partying type kind of guy - or so the tabloids make him out to be.

In reality, he has been bored with the lifestyle he's known for living for about 3 months now. All the women who are money hungry or power hungry, he's lost interest in. One night out with his buddy at a rather exclusive club, he sees a tall, curvaceous, auburn haired woman who instantly catches his eye, known as Bridget Rogers.

Bridget knows all about the playboy ball player. Afterall her boss is in a relationship with his younger brother, Chase (from book one), and she knows way too much about him to know dating isn't something Chad has an interest in. But for one night, she decides the attention and attraction is worth whatever fallout she has to endure. That one night turns into blackmail by Chad's publicist, to pretend to be dating each other for one month to clean up his act in the public eye or else serious consequences for Bridget. (I'll leave the "or else" out to not spoil anything).

The problem with pretending to be dating such a good looking, charming guy? How do you not let your heart get attached, especially when you both know the attraction between you is dangerously high?

Great fast, fun, hot NA book! If you're a fan of other J. Lynn/Armentrout books, you'll love this one too!

Favorite Quote:
It was a Friday night, she was at a club, and a good-looking man was currently giving her the I-want-to-take-you-home-and-I-hope-I-last-longer-than-five-minutes look...and she was thinking about pie, a young adult book, and feeding her cat. She was so turning into the cat lady at twenty-seven. Sweet.

Final Rating - 4 stars.


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