Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fashionable or Not? - Initials, Inc

Fashionable or Not?

Today I want to share about bags and purses. And not just any bags or purses. Specifically a company called Initials, Inc. Perhaps you haven't heard of them. They've been around for only 10 years so they are relatively new. I was fairly new to them as well until a friend I connect with on Facebook, who lives in another state, began selling Initials, Inc about 3 years ago. I sporadically would look at her posts and such but never really had much interest in purchasing any. That is until she posted a "hostess bonus" that caught my eye and I couldn't pass it up in January. When I get an idea in my head I jump ALL in - forget the consequences or ramifications of the idea. So I told her, "SIGN ME UP FOR A FACEBOOK PARTY"!!!

Weeelllll.....I didn't qualify for the hostess bonus that was offered that month (the show had to be a minimum of $550 in sales) but I did get some awesome "Last Call" items, i.e. "on sale". Before I get to the pictures of what I got, here's a few of the cool things I really like about the company:

~ Personalization on all products is FREE! 

~ They have a Signature Gold line that is made of faux leather and are super nice. (the lining of all of their purses is aqua - which is the company's signature color)

~ Many of the size of these bags are perfect for those of us that like to carry, shall we say, everything and the kitchen sink.

~ Guests can have items shipped directly to themselves for a low shipping cost.

~ My absolute favorite, they have a Last Call sale twice a year (in January and July), many items being 50% off as they get ready to retire items and introduce a new line. 

Before you ask, nope, I don't sell these. However anywhere you see "Initals, Inc" is a link that takes you to my friend's personal site where you can see the beautiful bags and purses for yourself. Don't just take my word for it, go check it out for yourself! Be sure to look through the Stylebook (their catalog).

Now for the goodie's - here's what I and a few others got:

This is only part of my order as I also got a 2nd camel bag for a good friend for her birthday. The camel bag and the aqua bag are BIG bags and they are both made of faux leather. The camel bag was $36 on sale and the aqua bag was $30 - both 50%+ off. The gray bag is called a Snap Tote and is HUGE. This was a customer special for $18 (regularly $45) that month. I love them all!

I also got 2 of these crossbody purses for my "free product". The one pictured below is for my daughter. Mine is the same gray fabric with an orange H to match my big snap tote.

These next two were orders of some of my family members and the pictures just do not show you the size of these bags - we are talking BIG, with exception to the one small cheetah print bag in the bottom of the left picture:

I know there are LOTS of companies like this one out there and they all have good things they promote and support. But for my first time hosting an Initials, Inc party and purchasing their products, I am very pleased and look forward to stocking up on some Spring/Summer favorites during their next Last Call sale. I would highly recommend them to you. Gorgeous, trendy AND monogrammed bags without breaking the bank! 


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