Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fashionable or Not? - Fringe Trend

Fashionable or Not?
Fringe Trend

Today I want to talk about a fashion trend that I'm totally digging, though don't own any pieces currently. That is the trend of fringe. I've seen it everywhere - from purses, to shoes, to bathing suits, to tops and vests and dresses. Lots and lots of dangling pieces of fabric abound everywhere you look right now in stores and online. I don't really know what it is about fringe that draws me in so much. There are a few reasons that come to mind though. It reminds me of Springtime and Summer, those dangling strings are fun to run your fingers through, the bohemian chic style they typically have and just the way they blow in the breeze gives me this free feeling. The bottom line for me is that I absolutely must add some fringe items to my wardrobe. Here's a few styles I've got my eye on.

Fringe Shoes: 
In order as shown: 
1. Minnetonka Ashley wedge: comes in 3 colors, and retails for $64.95
2. Minnetonka Monaco sandal: comes in 4 colors, and retails for $64.95
3. Minnetonka Maui sandal: comes in 3 colors, and retails for $52.95

Of these 3, probably my favorite would be #3, due to the low heel and casual style. As such it would be more practical for me to wear it in the Spring and Summer to a variety of outings. I have found #3 slightly cheaper at our local Shoe Station and combined with a text coupon of 20% off the cost won't be bad at all. Hoping to add these to my wardrobe soon.

Fringe Tops or Vests:

Bathing Suits:
(Even though #3 isn't technically fringe, it still reminds me of that style and I ordered it for my daughter to try.)

Fringe Dresses:

My search continues for favorite fringe pieces at reasonable prices. Of everything I've seen so far though, the sandals are by far my top fringe wishlist item!

Where do you fall in the fringe trend? Do you love it? Hate it? Undecided? Do you have a favorite fringe clothing item or accessory? Share it with me.


  1. Elizabeth BogardusApril 20, 2015 at 9:01 AM

    I love fringe, always have. Last season on Project Runway the judges kept telling one contestant that he needed to do more techniques than just fringe. He was in the finale and 1/2 was fringe and he won!

  2. I like fringe, I think it's super cute for the most part. However, I think sometimes fringe on T-shirts just doesn't work like if the shirt looks too faded or old, by design, it just looks off to me. I think of fringe to be a mix between classy chic and ol' rocker chick. Love fringe on shoes and purses.


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