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War (True Reign #3) - Review

War (True Reign #3)

By: Jennifer Anne Davis

Published: May 5, 2014 by Clean Teen Publishing

252 pages

Source: Personal Kindle Library

(Goodreads / Amazon)

When Rema chose to be crowned queen and join the rebel forces, she knew she'd face the fight of her life. What she didn't expect was to be kidnapped by an Emperion assassin and taken to the mainland to be executed in front of the emperor. How can she save Greenwood Island if she can't even save herself? 

Darmik knows he doesn't have much time to rescue Rema. He’s denounced his position as Commander and Prince in order to join the rebels. But now he must rely on his family name in order to go before the Emperor—his uncle—and beg for Rema’s life. 

If Rema and Darmik have any hope of being together and saving their kingdom, they must survive the greatest threat of all—Emperion. 

This is the heart-pounding conclusion to The True Reign Series.
Young Adult fantasy with a royal setting. This series was everything I love in a great story! And because I'm the kind of girl that best loves happily-ever-after stories, the ending was perfect for me. I instantly fell in love with Rema and Darmik from book one and even through the adversity and trials that separated them, I continued to root for them and their close friends: Neco, Ellie, Vesha, Audek and even Savenek. This story had me tearing up at several occasions, so it's not all happiness and rainbows. After all, the title is War.

Along with the first two books, this story continues with being told by alternating POV's of Rema and Darmik, The end of this series is about battling those in power who are evil and finally releasing the kingdom from the oppression of the wicked. Lives are lost along the way. In the end though, the bravery and loyalty of those who pledge their lives to Rema are the heroes of the story.

Seriously ya'll, if you haven't checked out this series yet, it's a MUST read! Go, grab it up now!

If you love Young Adult fantasy and romance, similar genre series like The Remnant Chronicles and His Fair Assassin, then this is a MUST read for you!

Favorite Quotes:
These keys unlocked the secrets of her past, revealing a destiny she'd never imagined.

"If you hid, it would save me a lot of worry; although, the sort of person that would run and hide wouldn't be the one to have stolen my heart."

"But you have to know, my heart belongs to Darmik. It always will."

Language Rating: 1 (light)
Mature Content Rating: 1 (light)
Final Rating: 5 stars!

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