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Sacrifice of Mercy - Review

Sacrifice of Mercy (Cambion #5)

By: Shannon Dermott

Published: October 21, 2015

361 pages

Source: Personal Kindle Library

(Goodreads / Amazon)

Life is a journey and for Mercy it has been more than a bumpy road. She’s loved, she’s lost and now it’s time to atone for her decisions. Everything she’s gone through has come down to one moment, one twist of fate, one decision that will impact not only her life, but all the lives around her and beyond. 

Faced with the impossible, she will grasp at all the answers, all the truths she’s so long sought. The question remains, is she be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to win not only all the battles but the war, at any cost including her heart?
I've been waiting for the conclusion of this series for a long time. The series started out strong, an immediate favorite of mine. And thankfully, because when I discovered the series several of the books were already out, I was able to read at least books one and two (if not others) back to back. Flynn has always been my favorite but I loved all three of the guys, especially Luke and Flynn. With such a crazy love triangle I found myself pulled in both of their directions but for different reasons.

Mercy is a succubus...but she's an anomaly because she was born human and has a soul. Part demon and part human. Through the series she has battled with her demon side...even so far as to give that side of a her a different name. It's not until later in the series that she learns to accept both parts of her and come into her full powers and strengths.

I still felt the crassness, sarcasm and overall badboy we came to love in Flynn early on was toned down by the end of the series. He became much more tame....and that just isn't Flynn. Thankfully the heat was turned up more in the last book than it had been in book 4. Mostly though I felt the earlier books were the best of the whole series.

Overall, I got my I can't complain too much. The ending had me smiling and I felt content with the resolution between Luke, Mercy and Flynn. But I felt there are still some holes left unfilled and questions left unanswered....a few things left unexplored. Perhaps it's because there's a spinoff series in the works.

Fans of angels, demons, and hot guys in young adult books should check out this series.

Favorite Quotes:
*Spoilerish Quote*: "I'm married to Luke not legally, but still. I'm mated to Flynn, and his life hangs in the balance if we don't consummate our mateship. And I'm betrothed to Sebastian, who has his sights on revenge against me."

But, fear doesn't inspire loyalty and trustworthiness.

You are a burst of light I want to consume.

"There is nothing more in this world I'd rather do than walk with you to the sun and moon and dance with you across the stars."

Language Rating: 1.5
Mature Content Rating: 1.5
Final Rating: 3.5 stars


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