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Stardust Destiny - Review

Stardust Destiny (Stardust Love Story Book 1)

By: Nazarea Andrews

Published: February 7, 2016 by A&A Literary

165 pages

Source: Personal Kindle Library 

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The face that launched a thousand ships... 

I grew up knowing my destiny. Daddy pounded it in my head, my brother repeated it every day of my life. I was the only daughter of the Orsi crime syndicate, the pretty prize that would bring peace. My one job was to marry Callum Sheehan, the vicious head of the Irish mob in Chicago. 
I never questioned my future–until I saw him. 

The man who was never meant to love her… 

I wasn’t going to the wedding. It’s crap that my brother does, things our father requires of the heir of the Sosa cartel. Not me. I’m the black sheep, the one Mama spoiled, and my father loves, but without the pressure of expectation. But Sheehan is too big a deal for me to blow off. 
And then I see her. 

The love that started a war… 

She isn’t mine. She will never be mine. I watch her fall apart when she thinks no one is watching. I watch her marry another man. I watch her bravery. And I don’t care who she belongs to or that it will start a war between our families. 
I will curse us both to possess her, and burn down the world to keep her. 

A modern retelling of Helen of Troy, and the epic love that brought an empire to its knees.
An easy, fast and enjoyable story! Not being familiar with the Helen of Troy story, I was able to enjoy the plot line. I never can seem to pass up a mafia, romeo/juliet storyline.

An Italian mafia princess from Miami, Ileana, is being forced to marry an Irish mob boss from Chicago, Callan, to form an alliance between all the mob families, but yet she falls in love with someone else. What throws a kicker in the story is that her husband, although feared among the mob families for good reason as the lethal man he is, he is an honorable man when it comes to his treatment of her. What he doesn't do though, is support her interests as heir of her mob family when she voices her desire in taking control over it. What he really wants is the pretty trophy wife to do as she's told. As such, he severely underestimates her.

Ileana has had a rough life, and she's only in her mid twenties. At age 12 she was stolen from her family by another mob family, raped daily, tortured for weeks and watched her brother be beaten for her disobedience. Then at age 14 she's promised off to be married to one of the mob sons. For 12 years she waits knowing her fate is to marry someone she barely knows, and definitely doesn't love. She's been groomed for this one role. Because she loves her family, she's willing to submit to their wishes. Until two days before her wedding she's allowed one night. One night of relative freedom. One night to make her own decisions without the family knowing about it. That one night changes everything for her.

Aside from some grammatical errors, these 165 pages went by super fast! I've read multiple books of Nazarea's and they all seem to always have grammatical errors. But her writing always pulls me in. I enjoy her stories and find them very entertaining.

There's major heat! Among the New Adult books this one falls in the range of very high language and mature content.

Favorite Quotes:
-the mafia, be it Italian, Irish or Russian - is very much a boys' world. I'm not ever going to be invited to sit at the table with them.

"Because as much as you think this is just for the alliance - I do care about the girl I married. I don't want to terrorize you. I want this to work, for us, as much as for the alliance."

Language: 3 (high)
Mature Content: 3 (high)
Final Rating: 3.5 stars


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