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*ARC* Losing Kyler - Review

Losing Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #2)

By: Siobhan Davis

Published: March 27, 2016

458 pages

Source: ebook, ARC from author

(Goodreads / Amazon)

Condemned to repeat the sins of the past...

Faye thought losing her parents was the most devastating thing to happen to her, but she was wrong. Her uncle’s scandalous revelation has sent her into a tailspin, leaving her questioning her entire existence.

Everything she believed is built on a lie. 

And the one person she shares a passionate, soul-deep connection with can’t be there for her.

Faye and Ky can’t be together. It’s forbidden. Though they are determined to avoid replicating their parents’ mistakes, caving to their feelings is as tempting as the apple in the Garden of Eden.

Ky had sworn off girls until Faye bulldozed her way into his life. Now, she’s his whole world, and their forced separation is crushing him. Once his manipulative ex resurfaces—hell-bent on ruining the Kennedys—he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones including turning his back on the one person he can’t live without. 

Then tragedy strikes and all bets are off.

But is it too late?

When Faye needs him and he isn’t there for her, guilt and hurt threaten to obliterate their love. As they start to rebuild their fractured hearts, another sordid family secret is uncovered, and Faye worries Ky may be lost to her forever. 

But can you truly lose someone if they don’t want to be found?

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This series has seriuosly stretched my comfort zone! But yet I am addicted to it! The payoff to follow through with these characters has been huge and I was excited to keep going. In book one and a lot of book two I was struggling with how I felt on one hand, because as in my first review, this is a love story that involves a cousin relation (granted cousins that don't know the other exists till they are 17), and then I found myself rooting for the characters. Talk about whiplash in my brain! I felt very bipolar in my feelings. Like any great love story though, their connection and chemistry is incredible and I found myself becoming more acceptable towards them. Book two ups the "forbidden romance" by a thousand percent.

The side characters, ALL of the Kennedy brothers, and Kyler's best friend Brad are equally addicting and their hotness oozes off the pages trapping you in their crazy lifestyles. The major plot in book two involves Kalvin Kennedy but the secrets that are in this family knows no end and everybody has drama! Just when they think they are rebuilding relationships and working through mistakes of their past, another secret blows up in their faces and they are reeling from another revelation. Talk about twisted pasts and damaging secrets! This family is seriously dysfunctional but yet you'll love them to the very end....despite their issues.

And one of the stories antagonists, Addison, that chick needs to seriously be put in her place! But money in this town talks more than the law. If you can pay your way out, then whoever has the bigger checkbook seems to walk away scotfree! Poor Faye is stuck in the middle of the insanity, trying her best to keep her new family together.

Another big cliffhanger ends this book and of course I'm sitting her begging for the final installment! For all the emotions this series brings out, from the "ewww" to the "gasp" to the "awww" moments, it gets a 4 star rating. Check out my review for book one, Finding Kyler. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

Top 5 Favorite Quotes:
You don't lie to the people you profess to love, no matter how painful the truth is.

"When everything else is shattering, you feel like the one true constant."

That's the thing with grief - it jumps out and waylays you when you least expect it.

The heart wants what the heart wants, and no amount of logic makes a blind difference.

"Nothing good comes from hiding behind the truth."

Language Rating: 2 (medium)
Mature Content Rating: 2 (medium)
Final Rating: 4 stars


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