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After the Game - Review

After the Game (The Field Party #3)

By: Abbi Glines

Published: August 22, 2017 by Simon Pulse

352 pages

Source: ebook, Borrowed from Sandy

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The third book in the #1 New York Times bestselling Field Party series—a southern soap opera with football, cute boys, and pick-up trucks—from USA TODAY bestselling author Abbi Glines.

Two years ago, Riley Young fled from Lawton, Alabama. After accusing the oldest Lawton son, Rhett, of rape, everyone called her a liar and she had no option but to leave. Now she’s back, but she’s not at Lawton High finishing up her senior year. She’s at home raising the little girl that no one believed was Rhett’s.

Rhett is off at college living the life he was afraid he’d lose with Riley’s accusation, so Riley agrees to move back to Lawton so she and her parents could take care of her grandmother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. But the town still hasn’t forgotten their hate for her, and she hasn’t forgotten the way they turned on her when she needed them most.

When town golden boy Brady Higgens finds Riley and her daughter, Bryony, stranded on the side of the road in a storm, he pulls over and gives them a ride. Not because he cares about Riley, of course, but because of the kid.

But after the simple car ride, he begins to question everything he thought he knew. Could Brady believe Riley and risk losing everything?
Another fast and easy read by Abbi. One thing is true about her stories, I can usually read them in a couple of days and they are angsty and fun. This series has been enjoyable to read since it deals with high school football players in Alabama. The first 3 books all have family problems in some form or another and end up having a girl come in to their life in their senior year that helps them overcome their issues. There's always a happily-ever-after and that's just peachy for me!

In this third book in the series, star quarterback Brady Higgens seems to have it all. A model family, the love and adoration of his entire town, lots of friends. He's known as a "good guy". One who is polite to everyone and is nice to even those he dislikes because that's just the kind of person he is.

Riley Young is a girl that the entire town hates after her accusations two years before of the town's wealthiest family's son raping her. Her family had to leave Lawton due to the hatred being spewed at Riley. Everyone believed him and no one believed her. Now her family is back to take care of her aging grandmother who has alzeimer's. Riley is being homeschooled in her senior year of high school. After having a baby, her priorities have changed. As a teen mom of a toddler, she vows to be the best mom she can be and provide a good life for herself and her daughter, all while keeping her as far away from her past and the people of this town. Even though she was created from such a great act of violence, her daughter was her salvation and she is viewed as a blessing to Riley and her parents.

Brady sees Riley in a rain storm one day pushing a stroller, and being the kind of guy he is, he pulled over and insisted on giving them a ride. He realizes that perhaps Riley wasn't lying and that everyone in their town, including him, may have misjudged her.

Fans of contemorary romance, but also of high school football, and young adult romance will enjoy this series.

This book has mature language but the sexual content is a minimum.

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Top Favorite Quotes:
You can't hide goodness. Hers was there, shining bright. It got to me. She got to me.

He held a power that most didn't have and he'd used his power for good. In my world, that made him a superhero.

"But if you love someone you can wait forever. Eachmoment you're together is special. You live for those times."

Language: 2 (medium)
Mature Content: 1 (light)
Final Rating: 3.5 stars


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