Saturday, December 10, 2016

2017 Series Enders Reading Challenge: My Goals

The 2016 Series Enders Reading Challenge was another success, and so Sandy and I decided we're in this for yet another year. Welcome to our 4th annual Series Enders Reading Challenge!

This challenge is for all of you series readers who are scared to death of that last book in the series. You anxiously await it. You stalk it. You get your hands on it as soon as possible. But then…you put off reading it for fear that it might not be everything you thought it would be. Or, maybe you just have a backlog of series started and you need to finish that last book.

Join us in knocking out those pesky last books in a series. This is your chance. Here’s your motivation. Better than that, we have prizes!

Levels: (how many series enders you are planning to read)
Level 1: 1 – 5
Level 2: 5 – 10
Level 3: 10 – 15
Level 4: 15+

To join the challenge, go HERE.

This challenge is hosted by Somewhere Only We Know and Words Fueled by Love.

My 2017 Goals:
Man ya'll, overall, I sort of bombed my goal in this challenge for 2016. I did, by the letter of the law, barely make my level (Level 2: 5-10 books), by reading 6 series enders (one of those being a novella series). I had many more on my list, and as always some of the ones I ended up finishing were new series. So, I'm gonna play it safe and continue with the same goal for 2017: Level 2: 5-10. Below is what is currently on my radar:

1. Crown of Cinders (Imdalind #7) by Rebecca Ethington

2. Untitled (Throne of Glass #6) by Sarah J. Maas

3. A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3) by Sarah J. Maas

Left over from 2016 that I didn't get to:

4. The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines #6) by Richelle Mead

5. Five Ways to Fall (Ten Tiny Breaths #4) by K.A. Tucker

6. Take Me On (Pushing the Limits #4) by Katie McGarry

7. Surviving Ice (Burying Water #4) by K.A. Tucker

This list is very fluid. I'm sure I won't get to some and will be adding others over time.

Added in 2017:

8. All In (Full Tilt #2) by Emma Scott - read 1/19/2017


  1. Oh wow...those are some OLD series enders on your list. But I see several that I really enjoyed! I hope that you get around to them!

  2. Holly @ Words Fueled by LoveDecember 11, 2016 at 3:01 PM

    Yeah...I'm feeling very uninspired with series enders for 2017.

  3. But imagine how good it'll feel to be able to mark a few of those old series off your list as "complete"! :)


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