Monday, March 18, 2013

In My Mailbox 23 & Sunday Post 22

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I'm on a roll on not purchasing more books!  To date it's been 14 days since I purchased anything! Progress!!

So when I got an email from Netgalley announcing 250 ebooks would be given of Walking Disaster you'd better believe I jumped on that immediately!!!  Not only have I been anxiously waiting to read this but it also satisfied my itch to get a new book.

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Expected Publication Date: April 2, 2013
Finally, the highly anticipated follow-up to the New York Times bestseller Beautiful Disaster. Can you love someone too much?
Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love hard. Fight harder.

In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and violence. But just when he thinks he is invincible, Abby Abernathy brings him to his knees.

Every story has two sides. In Beautiful Disaster, Abby had her say. Now it’s time to see the story through Travis’s eyes.

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Last week I focused HEAVILY on finishing The Indigo Spell.  So some of the posts I had tentatively planned to participate in didn't happen, just so I could devote more time to reading, which is usually pretty limited these days.  I'm happy to report I DID finish it!  


TUESDAY: Teaser Tuesday #9 featuring teasers from The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead.

THURSDAY: The Indigo Spell - Review.  Cat Thursday: The Great Oz.

FRIDAY: Feature & Follow {19} featuring Activity! Tell us about your favorite outdoor reading spot or take a picture.

Teaser Tuesday #10
Tentative Top Ten Tuesday
Tentative Waiting on Wednesday
Cat Thursday
Feature & Follow {20}
Wait For You - Review 

Spring Break is 4 days away AND COUNTING!!!  It is seriously time for a much needed vacation!!!  Until then, here's to finishing another book (or two if I'm lucky).


  1. Ohhhh so lucky! I have been seeing this on GR for awhile now and want to read it really bad.
    Congrats on not buying anything by the way! I broke my strike with buying On Every Street lol

  2. Awesome - Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire! I really liked Beautiful Disaster and can't wait to read this one too. :)

  3. Walking Disaster..yippie..enjoy Holly! I admire your will power congrats on a book free week! The Sunday Post

  4. You are so lucky! I was all over that email but have yet heard from them. I still have not checked today to see if I got approved.


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