Friday, May 30, 2014

ArmchairBEA Day 5: Middle Grade/Young Adult

Welcome to Day 5 of Armchair BEA 2014!
Today's topic that I'm participating in is:

I could seriously camp out in the Young Adult part of this topic because that is primarily what I read, with a heavy dose of New Adult mixed in. There is something uniquely special about Young Adult books that covers a wide range of ages. People from ages 13 to those in their 50's that I've personally talked with read Young Adult books. I'm sure there are those even older than that. The point is that it's the one genre of books that spans many age groups, bringing us all closer together to bond over. How many other genres of books can have the same thing said about it? 

I wanted to chime in about Middle Grade books for the rest of my post. My children are ages 12 (entering 7th grade) and 10 (entering 5th grade) and they are both big readers - like their Mama! Granted - I had to push my older child (a boy) to read more but within the last 2 years he has found some series that he really loves. In 2012 I did a couple posts featuring him called From the Mind of a 10 Year Old. In those posts I featured an interview I did with him over the books he had just finished. It's something I want to continue to do but alas, have fallen behind in doing so. I like to capture the perspective of my children reading a children's book. That's not a perspective I have of my own anymore (seeing as how I'm an adult) so I love seeing a book through their eyes. 

Here are a few of my son's (who is now 12) favorite series:

And here are a few of my daughter's (who is now 10 1/2) favorite books or series:

I want my kids to continue to enjoy books appropriate for their age; books that don't touch on any overly mature subject matter or language or themes because their innocence is something I'm tasked with protecting as their mother until they are ready to deal with more mature issues. So, having said that, what other Middle Grade books would you recommend that would follow my chosen guidelines?


  1. I've read all the books for boys and none for girls. I'm always looking for books for y 9 yr old son

  2. I actually posted about middle grade fiction today and the Percy Jackson series made my list as well. Such a wonderful read.

  3. I believe indeed that Young Adult isn't a genre only for young adults, it certainly appeal to a wide variation of people. I read a lot of YA, but also some MG, NA and Adult.
    Matilda was one of my favourite books as a child! I had completely forgotten about it, so nostalgic to be reminded about that book. I think I even still have the dutch hardcopy version of the book lying around somewhere.

  4. Oh Matilda. I loved that book! I really enjoyed the Redwall series when I was younger, your son might enjoy those.

  5. Tellulah DarlingMay 30, 2014 at 11:48 AM

    Oh hello fellow YA lover! Has your daughter read The Mysterious Benedict Society or Fablehaven? Those MG books were big favs for my daughter.

  6. I love the From the mind posts you are doing. Great idea.

  7. Escape from Mr Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein is a good one. I gave a little info about it on my y Armchair BEA Day 5 post.

  8. I was kind of wondering about those From the Mind of a 10 Year Old posts the other day! I think you should bring them back! :)

  9. I remember reading books like The Secret Garden and A Little Princess when I was younger and still would reread them. One that would cross for both boys and girls I think is Wind in the Willows but I'm not sure at what age you'd want to introduce it. I think as long as the other two were an appropriate reading level they'd be safe to introduce now for your daughter but I always err on the side of saying as the parent check the books out first yourself. Beverly Cleary is an author I remember from my school days. The Little House on the Prairie books. The Chronicles of Narnia.


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