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State of Pursuit - Review

State of Pursuit (Collapse Series #4) 

By: Summer Lane

Published: June 2, 2014 by WB Publishing

267 pages

Source: Personal Kindle Library

(Goodreads /Amazon $3.99)

Cassidy Hart is alone. 
Her Commander and the love of her life, Chris Young, has gone missing in action. A horrific battle with Omega has left too many good men and women dead, and Cassidy must bear the burden of leadership in the militia on her own. 
But she's not about to give up. 
With the help of her faithful friends - and former enemies - she will stop at nothing to rescue Chris and ensure victory for the militias in their fight against the all-powerful Omega forces. The game has shifted. 
This time, Cassidy is one step ahead of the enemy. 
This time, Cassidy is in charge. 

BOOK 4 in the National Bestselling Series. 
New Adult/Young Adult Romantic Adventure
You might not want to read this review if you're new to this series. Go back and check out my review of book one, State of Emergency (4.5 stars!). I'd hate to give anything away too soon.

Book four picks up with our main character, Cassidy, back at the National Guard headquarters just after their attempt to fight back Omega from the Central Valley. Lives were lost, some close to her, and Chris is MIA. She fears for him. She questions her own decisions and blames herself. She's definitely at a low point. She has grown and matured so much in the year since the EMP hit and has become a well respected leader, and now a Lieutenant.

She along with 29 other militiamen and women agree to go against the National Guard Colonel's orders and set out on a rescue mission to find Chris. In order to do that though, they have to go into the heart of Omega's forces. They all realize it's quite possibly a suicide mission, but their loyalty and love for Chris as their Commander and what he was fighting for has them determined to carry out their mission, no matter the consequences.

There are a few surprising twists in this installment of the story, and as expected a cliffhanger at the end.

This story is just as gripping as the first three books. It even brought tears to my eyes - which happened at some point in nearly all of the books in this series. I believe if you put all of these books together into one giant novel, I would still breeze through it and devour it as quickly as possible. They are just THAT good. The story is that engaging and I really feel like I'm in the battle with the characters while I'm reading. It's wonderfully written!!

This series is categorized as New Adult/Young Adult romantic adventure. For those who are familiar with the "typical NA" books, let me just say that this story, as far as mature content and language, is very tame....nonexistent really. To that end, the characters are older (Chris being 28 and Cassidy 20) so perhaps that's why the story could be considered NA. As for romance....there is a romantic theme, however it's not very detailed in nature. So for those wanting a full on romance, that's not what this series is about nor would it have the graphic content to satisfy some who enjoy that aspect of romance fiction. There have been zero sexual situations up to this point, unless you consider some kisses or cuddling to be sexual in nature, so if you prefer stories that are mild in that regard, you are safe to read this. I wholeheartedly agree with the adventure part. Every turn these characters go on there is more adventure - dangerous and life threatening adventure. You'll be cheering them on and hoping for them to pull through and you will feel a sense of camaraderie with the Freedom Fighters and other militias like them.

This has quickly become a favorite series of mine for 2014. Cassidy Hart is a heroine to look up to. She is strong and courageous and smart. She's got it all!

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out this series!

Favorite Quotes:
They have had no mercy on us, so we cannot afford to have any on them. It's fight or die these days.

Cassidy Hart, the smart mouthed girl from L.A., died somewhere on the battlefield. At some point, she was replaced by a battle hardened ex-slave laborer and the Lieutenant of a sniper platoon.

Sorry, Chris. I love you too much to leave you in the hands of my enemies. Even if it means breaking my promise? Yes. Even then.

"Ordering people around doesn't define a leader. Doing the right thing at the hardest time does."

I realize that this is the reason I fell in love with him. Not because of his good looks. Not because of his fighting capabilities. Not because of his leadership skills. But because he is a good man. A man of integrity and honor and respect.

"You need to see this," Dread seizes me. Those five words never hold a positive meaning. Never.

Final Rating - 4 stars

My reviews of this series, in order:
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Book Two: State of Chaos (4 stars!)
Book Three: State of Rebellion (4 stars!)


  1. sound like a good book! but i have not any books in this series so i probably should start from book one :D

    great review


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