Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fashionable or Not? - Stitch Fix #1

Fashionable or Not?
Stitch Fix #1

For this post I'm going to share with ya'll my first experience with Stitch Fix. I had read about and seen a few people I personally know talk about wanting to try it. The concept appealed to me but not having anyone I KNOW personally having tried it, I wasn't sure how it would go. I'm willing to try (almost) anything once. 

Remember in my first Fashionable or Not? post I talked about how I won't buy anything (clothes, shoes, accessories) unless it's on sale, I have a coupon or both? Well....remember this standard of mine because I will come back to it.

For those who have no clue what Stitch Fix is about, let me give you the basics:
~ Step One: fill out a pretty detailed questionaire on what your sizes, favorite colors, favorite styles, etc... are.

~ Step Two: set up when you want your first fix to arrive. You will be charged a fee of $20 when the package ships out to you. This is the fee to use the service.

~ Step Three: sit back while a stylist assigned to you finds you 5 pieces based on your preferences and ships them to you.

~ Step Four: try on the pieces when they arrive. Keep what you want and within 5 days ship the rest back in a provided, postage paid for envelope. Anything you keep you will be charged for (less the amount of $20 already paid). 

~Step Five: leave feedback on any pieces you kept or returned so the stylist can make notes on your next fix.

Not a bad service, right? Somebody, other than myself, takes my preferences and sends me 5 pieces I might like? They do the leg work and I just reap the benefits? Sound too good to be true? Hmm...

Here are pictures from my first fix. Please disregard the dirty mirror, the flash of the camera, and the headless body (which is mine). Taking a photo of ones self of a complete outfit is not as easy as it looks and clearly I need to work on it.

Included in my first fix were items I requested for a trip to NYC, specifically some "staple trendy pieces": 1 Anorak jacket, 1 dress, 1 shirt, 1 zip cardigan, and 1 pair of skinny black jeans: 

The most flattering pieces were these 2: (the shirt on the left and the dress on the right, though the dress was super skin tight):

The Anorak jacket was very comfortable, but since I'm short, it was too long for me. The zip cardigan was very stylish but a bit too small:

The black skinny jeans were a little too snug in the waist and they sat lower than I prefer in my jeans. Plus, they were $78 and though they had a super cute zipper on the ankle - gasp! - I don't spend that much on pants hardly EVER. Plus, I already own a pair from Old Navy that work just fine for my tastes and cost me 1/3 of the cost of these!

My overall opinion:
1. It was a fun experience!
2. The items cost too high for me to justify spending the money on.
3. There IS a 20% off discount offered when you purchase your entire fix (meaning all 5 pieces). That alone would've saved me about $100 versus buying the retail cost of each piece separately. But still for all 5 pieces, the cost was too high - not to mention some didn't fit any way.
4. I bought only the one shirt and I LOVE it. 
5. Final cost to me: $20 for the service fee and $28 for the shirt I kept. Basically....$48 for 1 shirt. AHHHH! That's not cool. (Remember my standard from my first post of Fashionable or Not?) Technically, I broke it. But I liked the shirt that much.

I'm willing to give Stitch Fix one more try but I'm waiting till mid April to get another shipment. I'll definitely do another post so ya'll can see what I think of it then.

Have you ever used Stitch Fix? Is this a service you feel would be beneficial to you? Click any of the Stitch Fix links and you can check it out for yourself.


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