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Have No Mercy - Review

Have No Mercy (Cambion #4)

By: Shannon Dermott

Published: December 11, 2014 by Wicked Truth Publishing


Source: Personal Kindle Library

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Mercy’s actions may have finally caught up with her and the consequences dire. The demon she freed with her dagger may prove to be more dangerous dead than alive. 

With determination that has no bounds, Mercy sets out on a quest to make things right. No matter the price or at the cost of her own life, she will persevere and is determined to have no mercy for anyone who gets in her way. 

Thrust into another realm on a promise that seems meaningless now, she will find her heart in an unexpected place. Love will conquer all, and the two will become one if they are all to survive. 

But… one decision may derail her plans.
Dang, dang, dang!!! What started out as a favorite series of mine has been dwindling in my favor recently. I've been waiting for this fourth installment for a long time and had high hopes for it even though I wasn't a fan of how book three ended. I'll give props to an ending I wasn't expecting in book 3 and it wasn't a popular one....but it kept the reader guessing, which I can appreciate.

Unfortunately, as much as it pains me to say, this story felt like fluff that was just added to it just to say there was another book in the series. You know those TV episodes that sometimes occur and seem really out of place as just filler material? Yeah, that's what this felt like.

The end of book 3 leaves us with the unexpected death of Luke. Naturally the reader would think book 4 would take us one of two directions. Direction #1: Mercy grieves the loss of Luke and as a result grows even closer to Flynn and Flynn fans are finally satisfied with their opportunity at a relationship. Direction #2: Mercy finds a way to search for Luke with the help of Flynn.

The direction of book four takes Mercy and Flynn into Fairy land on a quest sent by the Elven queen as payment for her having helped Mercy previously to find Luke. The entire story takes place in Fairy land and in the grand scheme of the story doesn't take Mercy any closer to finding Luke OR any closer to understanding her feelings and connection to Flynn. Basically what that boiled down to for me was huge disappointment.

After waiting for four books to explore more of Mercy's feelings with Flynn I felt robbed, cheated and confused. There's a scene that happens in what the Winter Fae call "the bedroom where dreams come true" where I wasn't sure if what was happening was real time or dream time. And it certainly wasn't fulfilling for the reader who is a fan of Mercy and Flynn together. Time and time again Flynn continues to sacrifice himself for Mercy and she can't decide how she really feels about him and therefore keeps breaking his heart.

Another irritation for me with this book was the number of grammatical errors throughout the entire book. Missing words, words spelled wrong and the wrong use of words used.

The heat and passion we've come to associate with Flynn was missing in this book as well. He's one seriously hot dude who uses his crudeness and sarcasm to lighten things up in serious situations. This book fizzled out more than it burned with his hotness.

Overall guys, I'm just disappointed. I was expecting much, much more than what I read. And that makes me sad because I've really loved this series up until this book. There's a 5th and final book planned but no date is set yet as to when it may be released.

Favorite Quotes:
"Sometimes when you look at me, you take my breath away."

"You were my redemption, my forever girl, and I'd given you up."

Language Rating: 2 (medium)
Mature Content Rating: 1 (light)
Final Rating: 3 stars


  1. Considering how I felt about the previous two books and your review...yeah I don't think I'll be reading this one. :( Like you said, huge disappointment since the series started out so promising.

  2. Holly @ Words Fueled by LoveMarch 19, 2015 at 9:32 AM

    I could've given this 2.5 stars but it wasn't all completely terrible so that's why I went with a 3. But yeah, you probably would've really disliked it considering your feelings of the others.


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