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The Scionless House - Novella Review

The Scionless House (The Scion Legacy 0.5)

By: Nazarea Andrews

Published: October 30, 2015 by A&A Literary

62 pages

Source: Personal Kindle library

(Goodreads / Amazon)

Twelve Houses. Twelve vampire lines. We ruled from the shadows, and manipulated the world, and when humans came too close to destruction, we intervened. 

Every House has a Scion. A fragile, easily broken human that stood shoulder to shoulder with the house Princes and Princesses. 

Except for ours. The Ravens, House Cantelie. 
We've been without a Scion for almost fifteen years. 
But that will change...and her life will be mine to protect.
For a freebie novella, which was recommended to read before reading book one in the series, this short 62 pages was enough to wet my appetite in the vampire genre again.

As the Goodreads summary says, there are 12 vampire houses which are the 12 vampire lines, each house with a patriarch and then a hierarchy of other vampires. Each house may include blood princes and/or princesses, blood knights, a blade, and a scion. This story is about Octavian, a vampire who is a blood prince of the Raven House, and is the house blade. His job as blade is to lead the knights, to serve as an adviser to the Patriarch and is the house assassin. His job is also to protect the house Scion, which is a human that speaks on behalf of the vampire house to the human world and as such the house protects them as they would their own.

The back story we learn is that House Raven has been without a Scion for 15 years because the last one they had was assassinated. She was instrumental in bringing about a lot of change for the vampires, namely making it so that they didn't have to keep hidden to the humans anymore. Due to a plague that was wiping out the humans, a way was paved for the vampires to come forward and help with a cure. The human race now knows the vampires exist and laws have been set up so that the vampires and humans can live side by side...albeit most humans are still afraid of them.

Octavian is being sent to New York City to collect a human girl to replace the Scion he was once protector over. But his patriarch has kept many things secret from him. His loyalty to his leader, or his father in all intents and purposes, is shaken.

An irritation of mine is for any book with a publisher, which has been released for purchase or is free, to have so many grammatical errors. There were a lot of incorrect words used or words misspelled.

Having enjoyed Nazarea's The World Without End series, I look forward to reading more from her, starting next with book 1 in her vampire series, The Blood Scion.

Language: 2 (medium)
Mature Content: 2 (medium)
Final Rating: 3.5 stars


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