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Enrage (Eagle Elite #8) - Review

Enrage (Eagle Elite #8)

By: Rachel Van Dyken

Published: July 30, 2017

379 pages

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Source: Personal Kindle Library

(Goodreads / Amazon)

The next book in the international bestselling Eagle Elite Series. Complete Stand Alone.

Part of a world I loathe.
Part of a family who hates me more than I hate myself.
Living with a girl who reminds me of my darkness.
I'm. In. Hell.
Also known as the Cosa Nostra.
I wish I would have known--that my life was over the minute I stepped off the plane.
Son to a murdered mob boss.
Heir to a throne of murder and lies.
My name is Dante Nicolasi.
And there will be blood.
First things first. Yes, there is a cover. However, I decided not to include it in my review because I'm trying to be cautious about overly revealing/mature covers on my blog. I haven't always been super sensitive to that, but I am now. Actually it's my least favorite cover of this series anyway. It's too.....veiny. <shivers> Gag. We will leave it at that and ya'll can check it out on Goodreads or Amazon for yourself.

Second things second. (Is that even a thing to say? Well it is now.) I have LOVED this series! Ever since book one, I keep coming back for more because I love these characters and I love this mafia world and I love the love stories! LOVE them!

For those new to the series, let me give a a list of the previous books and then a list of the main cast of characters, the original boys from Eagle Elite:

Elite (rated 5 stars)
Elect (rated 4.5 stars)
Entice (rated 4.5 stars)
Elicit (4.5 stars)
Ember (4 stars)
Elude (5 stars)
Empire (4 stars)

Main characters:

Nixon Abandonato
Chase Abandonato
Tex Campisi
Phoenix De Lange
Sergio Abandonato

There are others too, but for the sake of not ruining any of the storylines and plots for new-comers, I'm just listing these few.

While this book didn't quite touch my emotional feels level, and even when I should have been upset I didn't feel an emotional connection to what was going on, it was a super fast read and added some new controversy to the story-line of some of my favorite characters!

My one irritation with this book, and perhaps the others had the same issue but it's not a super big deal that I remember it for long, is the grammar errors! There were a ton of words misspelled and though I am no grammar expert, this is a Kindle version that's for sale! One that I bought! So I would think the editor would've caught and corrected that many mistakes. Actually thinking back to other books by this author, I do believe this is a common frustration I've mentioned in my other reviews. Like I said though, I don't remember the irritation for long and it doesn't take away from my enjoyment overall of the series.

The ending was a little too anticlimactic for my taste and I didn't connect emotionally to it. Though I am curious to see what's next after such a big ending.

I have read these in order as a book series. However, Goodreads lists some of the later books as stand-a-lones, including this one. I personally think one would miss out on way too many good details and backstory to just jump to reading this installment before reading the first few books. Just my two-cents though.

Top Favorite Quotes:
"Fear is not your friend. It is your enemy."

Sometimes you can't fix what's been broken. Especially when it's not love that breaks. But trust.

"Living isn't being shut in a small safe box where nobody and nothing can hurt you - living is feeling the pain and making every second count."

"...there is no black and white in life, don't let anyone tell you any different. No straight lines. No rules. Life is life, it is up to us to decide how well we live what's been given to us."

Language: 2 (medium)
Mature Content: 2 (medium)
Final Rating: 3.5 stars


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