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*ARC* Loving Kalvin - Review

Loving Kalvin (The Kennedy Boys #4)

By: Siobhan Davis

Published: July 31, 2017

224 pages

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Source: ebook, ARC from author

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A second-chance romance from USA Today bestseller Siobhan Davis. Standalone with HEA and no cliffhanger. 

I knew it would end in disaster, but I didn’t listen to reason. I didn’t care. Because I loved him so much. 
Kalvin Kennedy ruled my heart. 
Until he destroyed it. 
Shattered it so completely that I became someone else. Someone I loathed. Someone who repeatedly lied to her loved ones. 
So, I ran. 
From him. From myself. Desperate to hide my new reality. 
But I could only run so far. 
When he reappears in my life, I’m terrified. Unbelievably scared of facing the consequences of my actions. 
Never mind that I still love him and want him so badly—there’s too much at stake now. 
How can I trust him with the biggest secret of all when he’s likely to rip my world apart again? 

Lana was always far too good for me. Everyone knew it but her. 
I tried to stay away, but I was weak. 
And I hurt her. 
Crushed her until she barely resembled herself. Forced her to follow a path she would never have willingly chosen. 
And then she was gone. 
And my world has never felt as empty, as lonely. 
She begged me to stay away. Not to find her. To forget she ever existed. 
But that’s like asking me to slice my heart in two and toss half aside. 
I’ve never believed in fate, but when I rock up to the University of Florida, I’m ready to eat my words. 
Because she’s here. Like I hoped she would be. And I’m determined to prove I deserve a second chance. 

This series is only suitable for readers aged seventeen and older due to mature content and language.
Being book 4 in the series, it's very hard to keep a review spoiler free. What I will say is that this book follows Kalvin, one of 7 of the Kennedy brothers. The order of their birth is Kaden, Keven, Kyler, Kalvin, Keanu, Kent and Keaton. Kalvin and Lana had a past that was vaguely elluded to in the first three books but what exactly that past entailed and how deep or real their relationship went actually is still a big mystery going in to book 4.

Kalvin is only 17 years old at the start of this story. He finished high school early and is enrolled in the University of Florida. Exactly where he believes 18 year old Lana to have gone to college. Kalvin and Lana have been best friends since they were 2 years old. They grew up together and, at the age of 13, both knew there was more between them than just friends. However, they literally came from two different social and economic classes. Basically, Lana's family was "the help" of the Kennedy's. From that point on into their older teen years, Kalvin pushes Lana away and chases after any and every girl he can get his hands on. Until he finally realizes Lana is the one he's always wanted; the reason why he's never been satisfied with anyone else. At the start of the story though, Kalvin and Lana haven't seen or spoken to one another in a year. By her request, he hasn't looked for her. Too much pain has occured and Lana blames herself for that. She believes by them living miles apart and allowing space and time to heal old wounds, that is the only way either of them can thrive. Kalvin believes they can reclaim what they once had. If only he can convince her.

A few irritations I had were mostly with Lana constantly pushing Kalvin away instead of being completely honest with him about her feelings. Lies is what got them to the place they are in now. So it was frustrating to me to see her continue to be dishonest...both with him and with herself. Dishonesty over any length of time is bound to blow up in your face and can cause irreparable damage.

Every book in this series is filled with teen angst and romance, drama, and, at some level, deceit and lies. Some lies are harder to come back from than others. Just as I loved the first three books, I equally enjoyed the story of Kalvin and Lana. It was entertaining and enjoyable!

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I voluntarily reviewed an advanced complimentary copy of this book.

Top 5 Favorite Quotes:
"Don't stop fighting for her. When things are rough, don't give up."

"When we were kids, everything seemed so black and white," I start to explain. "But reality is so many different shades of complexity."

Being charitable in your every thought and every action is what matters.

"You're like the brightest star in the sky, lighting my life in so many ways."

"To family. To health, happiness, love, and forgiveness. To the future."

Language Rating: 2 (medium)
Mature Content Rating: 2 (medium)
Final Rating: 4 stars


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