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I have always enjoyed reading.  I can remember being in grade school and loving books, and my parents have told me I loved to read at a young age.  But once high school came my love of reading for fun dwindled significantly.  I just didn't enjoy it anymore because of the books I was forced to read for schoolwork.  So my love of reading has come in waves.  When I got married and had kids I dabbled back in some books but it was still very much on again off again.

Sometime in 2006 my dearest friend (who LOVED reading) suggested I read a book that was the “big” YA book series at the time.  It was then that I seriously got back in to reading fiction. She promised I’d love it based on our similar taste in TV shows.  So, I borrowed her book and sat down to read.  500 pages and 2 days later I was in love with reading again. 

I haven’t stopped yet.  Since that book, I have continued to read and in late 2011 started rating books on Goodreads.  Some books take up more of my time than others and some books I put down and go a month before picking back up.  A month is generally the longest I've gone in a reading hiatus.

I’m married to my best friend of 22 years, the Mom of 2 wonderful kids (a college freshman and an 11th grader), and an elementary school secretary. All of that boils down to the fact that the time I have available to devote to reading is much less than I would like for it to be and blogging time is even less. My life is busy but reading helps me to relax, if even for 30 minutes a day, and generally speaking I'll read for an hour or two a day (or more depending on my free time). This blog is a way for me to chronicle the books I’m reading in a fun and enjoyable way.  

Interested in why I chose the title Words Fueled by Love for my blog? Check out my post about it HERE.


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